Midwest Favorites


This program is a “true” Cheese and Sausage program. There are six varieties of our famous Wisconsin Cold Pack Cheese as well as our delicious summer sausage. New this year is our Dairy Fudge.  Also offered on this program are cheese and sausage samples and beef sticks.   Customers will have trouble choosing just one item.

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Wisconsin Country


This program is perfect for the group that wants to run cheese, sausage and chocolate without worrying about refrigeration.  We use our delicious processed cheese spreads to compliment the other delicious food items.

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Pass The Popcorn


Ten varieties of our wonderful popcorns including Nutty Caramel, Chicago Style, Cookies and Cream, Cheesy Cheddar and Buttery Caramel.

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This program has something for everyone.  Gift items, kitchen items, chocolate, fudge, magazines, snack items and gift wrap.

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Tis’ the Season


Like our Celebrate program, but with a holiday flavor.    This holiday brochure features many of the season’s best items and decorations as well as chocolate, wrapping paper, fun for the little ones, jewelry, magazines and much more.

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Gourmet Collection


Featuring Mississippi Muddles Double Chocolate Brownie Mix and much more!

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Seasonal Sensations


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Simply Desserts



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